AI-Powered PR:
How AI Can Make Your Job Easier

Generative AI has become a game-changer across industries – including public relations. PR pros are excited about the possibilities, but many show hesitancy to dive in and use AI tools to their full potential.

PRWeek-AI-Sept2023-600In our on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how AI can power your PR communications with tangible tips and best practices covering:

  • Written & visual content
  • Prompt writing
  • Media relations

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and quotes from the discussion

Garland Harwood-Circle
"AI can help us identify patterns and correlations that we might not be able to see on our own – but AI cannot replace human intuition and the wisdom that we have from doing this job."
Garland Harwood
Co-Founder & Comms Strategist
Michael Kaye-Circle
“We need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable…we should be cautious but curious…many of us are just scratching the surface."
Michael Kaye
Head of Brand Marketing & Comms
Archer & OkCupid
Kelly Byrd-Circle-1
"AI can be helpful with predictions on what’s worked in the past, giving insights on past share-of-voice or messaging - or past open rates on pitch emails, so you have that info on what stories to tell."
Kelly Byrd Marín
Senior Director, Product Marketing