Say "Goodbye" to Stress!

We're stating the obvious but burnout is a serious problem faced by everybody who works in events. If you're not feeling burned out now, you surely know somebody who is. 

work-life-balance-cover-large.pngConsidering the hours we work, the complexity of our events, and the pressure on us to deliver big results, it's almost surprising more event planners aren't brought down by a toxic mix of stress and overwork.

We can help. Work-life balance is a topic near and dear to us. In fact, Hubb was born out of one particularly exasperating all-nighter before an event. We've learned a thing or two about work-life balance since then and we've compiled them all into this guide.
This guide features a diagnostic test to determine if you're burned out and our 45 best tips for reducing stress and managing your events work while leaving yourself enough time for friends, family, and even sleep. 
Download this essential tool for avoiding burnout and start finding balance today!


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