Drive engagement, monetize content, build community, and realize ROI

Power the next generation of events by converging the in-person and digital channels. Whether you’re hosting hybrid or virtual events, Notified is here to help bring your vision to life with end-to-end technology and services. 
Through events, the milestone moments in your always on journey: 
  • Extend your content, and accelerate your brand identity as you do
  • Build your community, through personalized networking and engagement
  • Drive commerce, through the intelligent connection of buyers and sellers in your industry

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Our Event Solutions Include:

  • Event management technology 
  • Robust virtual environment built for enterprise
  • Enterprise-grade webcasting
  • Advanced engagement tools
  • Powerful event data and analytics, unified across different channels
  • Leading on-site production
  • And more!



Our Clients

We host over 100,000 webcasts and virtual events annually on behalf of industry-leading organizations:
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